Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Levis Duo

It was a hot one Saturday at Levis. My Garmin said the max temp was 95. For my first race of the year I signed up for the 100 mile duo with Scott. I haven't done much in the way of hard efforts yet this year so I figured is was going to hurt a bit. I had the first lap and decided to start out easy. I passed about 10 people the first lap and came through the start finish around the 4th rider and first in the duo. (Some of the 100 mile solo guys were laying it down!)

Scott wasn't sure how his knee or his cracked frame were going to hold up. It turns out, that he would be just fine. He was flying through the laps. His third lap, I was waiting for him to come through so I could do my last lap. Now, my plan was to take it easy my last lap since we had a pretty comfy lead but Scott had different plans. He wasn't coming through and it was already 20 minutes past his average times. I was fearing the worse, then I saw him coming through--running. He broke a chain.

So my last lap I did what I could. I felt fresh for the first 6 miles, likely because of the gallon of water I drank since my previous lap. I had no idea if Scott was going to be able to do another lap and I was dreading doing another, but I thought I had better get a good lead if I had to.

Much to my delight, Scott was waiting there when I came through. He fixed his chain and was ready to go. He crushed his 4th lap. We won the race by about 7 minutes!

I wasn't the fastest on Saturday, but it's June and I think I am in a pretty good spot to have a strong Fall.

P.S. Also, I have two more exciting things to share that might seem odd to share as a postscript. First, my book is out! you can buy it here. Second, I can now share this on the web because Lauren told her work, we are having our first kid!