Monday, February 18, 2013

Late Winter Update

This morning I rode the trainer for an hour. It was glorious. It is the first time I was on a bike of any kind in over 5 weeks. It is the first time I did anything athletic in the same amount of time. As long as I have been riding as an adult the longest I have gone without riding until now has been 10 days. Most people can't stand being on a trainer, this morning it was one of the best places I could have been.

I've been swept up in a perfect storm of gifts from God: new baby, new job, new home. And as is the case with all gifts, I have been given more responsibilities. And while I believe that taking care of my own health is responsibility, for the past 6 weeks other peoples needs simply had to come first.

It looks like I may have hit a turning point though and perhaps I will be able to ride more often (that is the goal anyway). To mark the turning point Lulu slept through the night for the first time. It freaked me and Lauren out as we both hurried to her room in the morning to check on her. I guess we are pretty used to being woken up several times a night! I'm not counting on this being a regular thing at this point, that would be nice, but I won't be planning my schedule around her sleeping through the night for a while.

I want to race more endurance mountain bike races this year and the first one is in May. I have a little over 3 months to gain back the 6 pounds of muscle I've lost since November. It comes back quicker than it is lost, right?