Saturday, February 26, 2011


Went out to visit some friends in Sacramento this week.
Birthday Sushi

Turn around point of 86 mile ride into the foothills. We had planned a 63 mile ride but Ryan made a "slight distance misjudgment." My sit-bones planned a 20 mile ride, then planned a mutiny. I haven't climbed that much in a long time. Great day!

San Francisco
Getting all touristy in San Francisco.

Special note! If you are in the Milwaukee area the Chili Cook-off is this Saturday March 5th, 6:30pm in the city. Put it on your calendar. More details in a few days.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clutch rocks! Motorhead is wrong

The picture is blurry because I had to zoom in from the balcony with my phone. They played a great set and the Rave even sounded pretty good.

Motorhead on the other hand was, well, Motorhead. Loud, really loud, and boring. Their whole shtick is that their loud. Thirty years ago they were innovative, but now they pack rooms because of their name. It isn't that they weren't tight or didn't play well, but I bet if they were a new band they wouldn't fill a 25 person bar. {I'm almost done with my rant} Last, they had a banner behind them that said "The World is Yours", the title of their new album (that's right, Motorhead released an album in 2010. What, you didn't hear about it?). Anyway, I can think of two reasons why that statement is wrong, one purely logical, the other theological. Can you guess what I am thinking?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last day of skiing?

The snow has been melting rapidly over the last two days and it looks like more of the same for the rest of the week. Upon the advice of seasoned skiers and the weather forecast I tried to make the most out of last Saturday. Ronsta and I got to McMiller for a couple of hours after a great breakfast at Cafe de Arts. I only had one crash! (Okay two, but the second doesn't count because I basically did it on purpose)
photo courtesy of Ronsta
Then I got home in time to pick up Lauren to go meet Eric and Jen at Whitnall for another 45 minutes of skiing. For what was her 4th time and probably our last time this year Lauren really did great!

While I have enjoyed picking up cross country skiing this year, the ride over to the office in the sun today has me yearning for spring. Time to get the bikes ready!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What would it be like?

What would it be like if belonging to a community meant that you had a place of refuge and a place of responsibility to others?

What would it be like if public and private (if they even existed) where more about physical modesty and less about belief and values?

What would it be like if today was the focus, knowing tomorrow may or may not come?

What would it be like if life was ruled by purpose rather than chaos?

What would it be like if relationships were more important than individual goals?

What would it be like if the spiritual was as much a reality as the physical?

What would it be like? Look at the above list again and imagine your life with the proposed changes. While some, if not all of these changes would make for messy complicated lives, wouldn't they add to life? Wouldn't they make for a fuller life? One would be hard pressed to say that they take away from the experience of life on earth.

The above attributes would be quickly associated with primitive cultures by anthropologists, that is to say that such cultures haven't been modernized. Darwin called the people of such cultures savages (and he was only a hundred years into the Enlightenment!) Now look at the list again, how many of these things wouldn't you like to have, or at least the possibility of, in your life? Some of these you may have even been trying to instill, but besides some small glimmers of hope, it seems like you are swimming upstream. That is, because in our society such ideas do not fit the Enlightened/Modern model.

Here is my proposition: "Modern society" has been actively pushing God out for over 300 years, therefore we have lost God-given aspects of how to live our lives to the fullest and now we aren't sure how to get them back. The problem is, we can't. Not without God. We can't do it without Jesus and his Spirit. The above attributes are all over the message of Christ, just waiting for us to turn and take him seriously.

What would it be like? I don't know, but I am going to keep pursuing it until it happens.