Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wisconsin Single Speed Champs and Summer Recap

Hello all! it has been a looong time since my last post but really only a few things have happened ride-wise. I'm not going to lament over how little I have been riding or working out because I am thankful for the time I get and all in all I still feel pretty fit on the bike, just not as fast I as was at this point last year.

I have had three races this year: Stumpfarm 100 duo, Emma 40 solo, and Beechwood SS champs. At Stumpfarm I rode the first three laps on my MKE cx bike, it was lots of fun, but by the end of the 3rd lap my whole body was angry with me. I finished out on my MKE SS which felt like cheating at that point. It was the most riding I had done in one day this year (actually more than I get most weeks all together) and thanks to Scott we won. Scott absolutely crushed it that day. So even with my wrong turn on my first lap we won pretty easily.

At Emma I figured I could use some solo work so I did the 40 by myself. Two days before the race I felt what I thought were allergies kicking in but it turned out to be a wicked cold. I actually felt pretty good riding until I got the worst cramps I have ever had on a bike. I had to get off and I couldn't stretch because both the front and back of my legs were seizing up. Yet, I finished pretty close to my goal time. I paid for it though and the cold was nasty for 6 days afterward.

Now for Beechwood. It was beautiful and the trails were in pristine condition. This also had to be the best turnout for the SS champs in years. Mike C. put together a great race format that involved 3 stages. I had no delusions of placing very well, yet as usual, I got swept up going too fast the first lap. Once I settled into my pace I rode very smooth and consistent. My handling skills are top notch right now. I just need to get my sustained high end back a little. I came in 12th for the cross country portion.

After the cross country stage was done we all headed out to the trails to do 3 separate time trials. 

Randy in his sweet old school jersey.

Mike getting focused.

There was a 30 second stagger to try to make-up or maintain.

I did really well in the enduro challenges and I was told I moved up to 11th over all. 

The third stage was only for the top six riders. And what better way to figure out the winner than a tricycle race!

It was a battle in the beginning until the clear overall winner, Jake, took a commanding lead.

Trike racing wasn't for Andy.

It was even less for Ronsta!

All in all, it was a super fun day. And now there is only a month until cx begins! I plan on racing into shape this year so hopefully I will be at all the Saturday races. Plus, if I can work it out, I'm going to set up Clutch! Corner. That's right, a place on course that will be blasting Clutch from my extensive 200+ song library. Some folks will love it, others might hate, either way it will be a thing.