Friday, November 8, 2013

Washington Park and Estabrook

Work has been busy and this week our household has been in the trenches battling a cold, so the race reports haven't been a top priority. I find myself with a bit of time between appointments so I'll fill you in on the haps.

Two weeks ago was Washington Park. It 's the costume race. I love the course. I never race well there. This year was no exception, but it was still a lot of fun. Especially because I dressed up as Maciej.
Thanks to Joe Curtes for the photos
I could blame the broken spoke hitting my rotor or my poor diet choices for the cramps, but I think it was the twins on my back.

As an aside, I think the Velo Trocadaro guys are running the state champs too. If you guys haven't got a course yet, do it at Washington Park, but backwards. That would be a super hard course, even without babies strapped to my back.

Last week was Estabrook, and due to some construction the promoters were forced to make some course changes. The changes were awesome! The course had better flow and more variety. For this race I made sure to actually eat, and eat better. I even warmed up and did some course recon with different tire set-ups (like a real bike racer!).

I felt and raced probably the best I have all year. No mechanicals, no cramps, and no spending the whole race in no-man's land. I was in the mix and kept the pace going for most the race. After the first lap I lost two spots but throughout the race I caught three more guys.

Mike dangled in front of me the whole race. With a couple of laps left I started to make up some time on him but then two guys wiped out on the steep climb right in front of me. Mike was gone. I got a hard fought 6th place.

There are things I could have done better and I think I am just now coming into my fitness (or maybe Jake is right, I should be warming up to race). We will see how this cold fares this Saturday. 

As for Clutch Corner, no one got the disc as Washington Park because I forgot about it. I mean, I forgot totally about the boombox being there. Luckily, the park is about 5 minutes from my place so I was able to recover it (this is also why I lock it to a tree). At Estabrook the CD went to Travis again because he led a Junior around for the whole race and then out sprinted him for the win (this isn't your normal junior). Honorable mention goes to Alex who somehow put his hand into his front wheel and cut his palm, but rode the rest of the race strong.

Washington Park
  1. (Notes From The Trial Of) La Curandera:  Blast Tyrant
  2. Smoke Banshee: Pure Rock Fury
  3. Profits Of Doom: Heard It All Before - Live At The Hifi Bar
  4. Ghost: Blast Tyrant
  5. You Can't Stop Progress: Heard It All Before - Live At The Hifi Bar
  6. Profits Of Doom               : Blast Tyrant
  7. Big News II: Clutch
  8. 10001110101: Heard It All Before - Live At The Hifi Bar
  9. Wishbone: The Elephant Riders
  10. Crackerjack:  The Elephant Riders
  11. King Of Arizona: Heard It All Before - Live At The Hifi Bar
  12. Army Of Bono: Blast Tyrant
  13. When Vegans Attack: From Beale St. To Oblivion
  14. Impetus: Live At The Googolplex
  15. Bottoms Up, Socrates: Pitchfork & Lost Needles
  16. Eight Times Over Miss October: The Elephant Riders
  17. Subtle Hustle: Blast Tyrant
  18. Animal Farm: Clutch
  19. Earthworm: Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths
  20. 12 Oz. Epilogue: Live At The Googolplex
  21. Who Wants To Rock?: Live At The Googolplex

  1. Texan Book Of The Dead: Full Fathom Five
  2. Ship Of Gold: The Elephant Riders
  3. A Shogun Named Marcus:  Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths
  4. 10001110101: Full Fathom Five
  5. Rock & Roll Outlaw: Clutch
  6. Opossum Minister: From Beale St. To Oblivion
  7. Cypress Grove: Heard It All Before - Live At The Hifi Bar
  8. Escape From The Prison Planet: Live At The Googolplex
  9. The Dragonfly: Full Fathom Five
  10. Big News II: Live At The Googolplex
  11. Black Umbrella: From Beale St. To Oblivion
  12. Spacegrass (Live): Pure Rock Fury
  13. One Eye Dollar: From Beale St. To Oblivion
  14. Tim Sult Vs. The Greys: Clutch
  15. Struck Down: Strange Cousins From The West
  16. Land Of Pleasant Living: Robot Hive / Exodus
  17. Ship of Gold (West Virginia): Slow Hole to China: Rare & Rereleased

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