Friday, October 30, 2009

The Mustache

I've been a bit behind on posts lately so let's do a quick catch-up. After the Blast! I rode a lot to try to heal up the bruised rib from the B! and the lingering shoulder pain from the cx race the week before. It is gone for the most part except when I really mash the pedals. I've also been able to go on more group rides than I have in a long time. Which is great, but doesn't leave much room for the rest needed for training.
Mini-bowling at Koz's was super-fun and we had a lot of folks show up. If you couldn't make it for some reason, don't fret we will definitely be doing that again!
Which brings us to today. The weather has been great for setting up some good cx racing tomorrow. Although apparently in WI cx races get canceled when the weather is primo?!? If I had the time I definitely would have been out to the Recoil to support the cause. Anywho, I am looking forward to racing at Washington Park tomorrow as 1970's Charles Bronson. Right now the plan is to ride the 4's and the master 30+ open. Should be interesting, I have doubled up in a long time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Blast!

Photo Courtesy of MTB girl Brittany
I wasn't planning on racing mtb's this past weekend as I am in full cx training mode, but when I got the skinny on the Blaster I couldn't pass up the opportunity. The location of the race worked out great and I was only a half hour from my nephew's birthday party happening later that day. So I was able to make it work.
I didn't bring the Big Unit out because I didn't want to get it all muddy again, that and it is still geared 36x16 and I didn't feel like messin' with it. So I rode the Kula 2-9 rigid. I haven't race rigid for over a year and it showed on this sweet techy course.
Sans and I were in the 3 lap race and about a mile in Sans jam-jobbed me at the top of a climb. I couldn't get my right foot out in time and I fell backwards and I wrapped my back around a tree. I wasn't quite the same after that, but hey I wasn't really "racing" as much as riding fast in a group anyhow. I could also feel the week's training and thought it better to take it easy. The course was too much fun to not enjoy.
And enjoy it I did. I found a little group to ride with and I was settling in nicely when a I got a puncture. Now, I brought a tube and a charger, but no CO2. Game over after 1 1/2 laps. I walked out of the course thinking "Well, this gives me more time to hang out before I have to get going." So I ate and enjoyed the fine selection of beers.
Once back at the car I found the culprit for the puncture. It was a thorn the size of my pinky. I tried to save it but I dropped it in some very long grass. I haven't fixed the tire yet, I hope I don't need to boot it, the thing is practically unused.
This is going on the calendar as a must ride next year. Great trails and an even better community atmosphere.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pizza cook-off party

I am slowly catching up on the big happenings in the past week. On Saturday night after my cx race Lauren and I hosted a pizza cook-off at our place. We have been doing cook-offs for about a year now, bringing the tradition back to WI from our friends in STL. The basic premise is a theme dish to pass. Kind of like Iron Chef meets the church basement pot luck.The pizza cook-off was ridiculous. The pictures barely do it justice. It isn't actually a competition and no one wins unless your Mike, but I have to vote for the pineapple-mandarin orange-onion-black olive-ahi tuna with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Well, basically because I made it. Hopefully if you were invited and didn't show the pictures force you to come to the next one. Which I believe is chili!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin CX

Well, after fighting off illness for much of last week, I felt up to racing on Saturday. Eric was doing his first race and I was doing this race as a way to wake up my cx legs. So even if I had to drop out it wouldn't ruin my day.
As I was waiting for my race it actually began to snow and get a little sloppy during the 3 race, it was shaping up to be a good day for cx. But by the time we lined up for our start the sun came out and it was just cold and super windy.
I had no expectations for this race so when the whistle blew I let everyone fight for the hole shot and I took up my place in last. However, it was clear that my handling skills were better then some other guys and after the first off-camber chicane I picked up a few spots. I was geared high I guess because a: I wasn't really getting dropped on the long paved straightaway *32mph max speed for the day* and b: there was no way I was riding up the big hill, even though some other ss'rs were.I was being a bit conservative so I didn't really race as much as just ride my own ride. By the third lap the lead group and chase group had about 100 meters on me. At the same time, nobody was catching me either.
I suppose I should say that my handling was good for a while. Lap 3 I didn't get my left foot out in time and tripped over the first barrier, and hopped sideways over the second one, holding my bike by the steer tube as it flipped up onto my back. At least there was a large crowd to see it. And the let me hear about it.
And then, with 2 laps left I ask the official if that was 2 laps total. He says yes. Then I ride around the corner coming back towards him and he yells something, so I look at him. Which was stupid, because the corner was not one where speed needed to be scrubbed, that is, only if you are paying attention. And I wasn't. So as I saw the tree coming I put my shoulder and head between the tree and the Major Jake. I hit pretty hard. The official was a bit concerned but I hopped right back on and did a body and bike inventory as I rode the pavement.
For a second I thought maybe I did mess up my collar bone--but thank God I didn't.About lap six I started running down a ss pro,1,2 rider. He was riding the hill, I was running it, and in 3 laps I dropped him. Halfway through my last lap, (10 or 11?) the lead two pro,1,2's caught me and I got out of their way.
So I ended up a lap down, but not out. I took 9th. I think my goal this season will be to move up the master 30 + to top 5 and not get lapped by the pro,1,2's. We'll see, I really need to get my intensity up.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is my first post on my personal blog and it is kind of a downer. Illnesses abound around me and I fear I am coming down with something. Just in time for a big weekend too. This Saturday I was going to knock the dust off my legs and do my first cx race in WI. Then Saturday we are having a pizza cook-off at our place. And Sunday I head off to St. Louis for a three day conference. So instead of doing some intervals outside on this gorgeous day, I am going to take a nap. Maybe I can nip this thing in the bud.