Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting the hang of it

Lauren and I got out skiing on Saturday and then instead of taking a nap I went by myself to Scuppernong for the first time yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. The description of rolling terrain is right on, you are either going up or down for most of the trail.

I only crashed a few times on the downhills. No broken equipment either! I am starting to get a hang of the technique, also how to fall more, how should I say, gracefully.

I am taking such a different approach to training this year compared to last year. It seems to be working, I am less run down and worried about workouts, yet I feel more in control of my body when I am being active. I don't know what that will translate into when comes to competition this year. Should be interesting. Couldn't be a much worse competitive year than last year was!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fat Enduro Cheese

Saturday was both fun and busy. In the morning I headed out to John Muir for the Fat Track Snow Enduro. There was a great turnout, 25 teams with 3 people. Team captains (had to have a fat bike, Pugsley etc.,) choose teams sand lot style. We took turns on the same bike. I ended up on a team with Russell and DJonnyMac. It was my first time on a Pugsley and it was fun.

Here are some photos of the derby for picking order.
snow track
snow track

The first rider had to run to the bike with the front wheel and put it on, whilst being pelted by snow balls. One fellow's bike was found in a tree after a few hints.
snow track

I ended up spending some 6 hours in the 20degree temps, and had a great time doing it. Then it was time to head home to get ready for the Cheese Bar.

The Cheese Bar did not disappoint. So if you didn't come because you were like "eh, it's downtown, or the Packer game starts at the same time, or I have to wash my hair, or I'm lactose intolerant (okay that last one is legit)" Just come check it out next time. Lauren should have some photos up soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indoor Action Fever

At about 10pm last night, a few of us were left after 4 hours of riding at Ray's Indoor MKE, we were hanging out at the top of the expert jump run. We were all beat, but for some reason we kept saying, "Eh, maybe a few more," or "One more time." Ray's was a ton of fun and I can see spending many, many hours there. It also helped that I had friends there to show me the ropes and how to do things since I have never ridden that type of bike or been in a park before.

I forgot my camera, but Ronsta got some shots. Next time I will try to get some pics/video of a little of everything so you can get an idea of the park. All you guys in STL will want to make the trip.
My lame second attempt at the foam pit.

Ron tasting the foam

Greg's sweet 360

Epic Wednesday!
sinking like a rock in the foam

Monday, January 10, 2011

Get your Cheese on

Oh man, I can't wait for the Cheese Bar this Saturday! I have been working up my cheese tolerance for the pass two weeks. If you have no idea what I am talking about, and you are somewhere near the Milwaukee area, you should come. Chances are you will know somebody, if you think you won't, bring some people with you.

I'm talking FREE flights of fancy cheese, free sausage platters, an amazing selection of wine and WI beers (check the menu), and Millers soft pretzels. All in the name of building community and knowing people better. Everyone is welcome!

For those whom are into it, the Packer game will be playing on two televisions.

When: Saturday January 15th 7-11pm

Where: The Cheese Bar (map)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two snow rides in one day

In an attempt to ride/hang out with people I embarked upon two separate snow rides yesterday. Both at the same trails. Both the same route. However, both rides were very different.

The morning was cold. Real cold. The "feels like" temp was 7 when I got back into the car after the ride. There was just a little snow and ice on the trails.

The night ride was, well at night, with lights and such. It was also about 10 degrees warmer. Weird, right? It was also snowing, giving the trails about 1/2 to an inch more snow than the morning ride. I forgot my neoprene booties and somehow I lost a front brake pad before the ride started. Only rear brakes for me for an hour and forty minutes! What's worse is that I didn't actually lose the pad!

When I got home in good light I checked it out closer. I couldn't see the outside pad in the shadows of the parking lot and because it wasn't moving towards the rotor no matter how much I adjusted it, I assumed it gone. My best guess is that the brake got moisture in it from the first ride which then froze during the drive to the second ride, therefore not allowing the 4 year old beat up BB7's to function properly. I'm such an idiot!

It was a good day and the most trailbiking I have done in a long time!